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Chris Pollach

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There are many reasons why you should be a PowerBuilder developer, but here are my top 10: 1. PowerBuilder positively impacts your bottom line. Simply put, PowerBuilder is a smart business decision. Many companies have a significant amount of existing PowerBuilder code (in fact, it's estimated that most Fortune 500 companies have huge amounts of PowerBuilder code), and it just does not make sense to toss it out and rewrite it for the sake of rewriting. Why choose another IDE/vendor to transform applications when you can transform these applications right from the source? 2. PowerBuilder is low risk. PowerBuilder has been around since 1991 and is a proven technology that gets the job done. Moreover, PowerBuilder continues to incorporate the latest and emerging technologies. It has stood the test of time. Customers can be confident to continue using a tool that has with... (more)

PBDJ Cover Story — Why Upgrade to PB11?

Why upgrade to PowerBuilder 11? Here are some interesting and compelling reasons in my opinion... First, before we even get into the PowerBuilder details, PB 11 will be shipping with the new SQL Anywhere version 10 DBMS. This newest release is "jam-packed" with over 200 new features and performance improvements so this DBMS engine will rival the big guys like Oracle, DB/2, SS2005 - but at a fraction of the price. What caught my eye were features like table encryption, column compression, reduced locking overhead, parallel queries, improved BLOB indexing, failover/mirroring, .NET... (more)

Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta

** Hot News ** Deploy your PowerBuilder Apps to Android Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta Get Your Beta Accounts Now! Be the first to deploy apps for Android with PowerBuilder! Appeon plans to launch the Beta version of Appeon Mobile for Android in mid November. We're looking for people with all kinds of PowerBuilder development experience to participate in this beta program. If you're interested, don't miss the opportunity to get your beta account. *If you have previously participated in the Appeon Mobile 1.0 beta testing program you will be automatically entered into the Appeon Mobile 2.0 bet... (more)

PocketBuilder Application Help

Summertime here in Canada's "Great White North" is hot and humid but I definitely didn't miss the Florida weather or the hurricane season at TechWave. Instead, I was building my first application Help feature for a Pocket PowerBuilder application. I thought this would be quite straightforward since I've done this many times before for a standard PowerBuilder application. I immediately hit F1 on my laptop and checked out the ShowHelp( ) command of PPB. Guess what... "Not supported." Okay, so maybe I should have gone to TechWave! But 38ºC (100.4ºF), floating here in the pool is no... (more)

PowerBuilder History - How Did It Evolve?

I have been asked many times by various clients, students, and the IT curious about PowerBuilder: When did Sybase develop the product and how did it evolve? I keep telling this story and answering e-mails on the subject. I am now to the point where I have decided that I should have PBDJ formally publish this story for posterity. This story is solely from my own personal perspective and I'm sure that I may have a somewhat distorted view of time and space (which keeps getting worse at my age). But anyway, here is a perspective of how life (as a DataWindow) began. Episode I - The P... (more)